This whole process costs just $.., which is about the cost of a typical SUP lesson.

If, after the first video response, you work on the suggestions, get positive results and decide you want to repeat the process, and submit another video for analysis, then you simply purchase another session. 

More information about the pricing in the FAQs  below. If your question is not answered here please check the main FAQ page. 

It generally takes us 60-80 minutes to fully analyse your videos, work out our appropriate responses, record our response and send it back to you. It takes about the same time as a practical lesson, basically. With subsequent lessons there is often the requirement to refer back to previous videos to assess changes, which can add significantly to the time requirements. So there really isn’t any ‘economy of scale’ in doing multiple sessions, unfortunately.

If you book five sessions up front then we’ll include a 6th one for free, because we appreciate your support, and also, over 6 sessions we can normally make some really good progress which is satisfying for us too!

No, because the first session is always a time consuming one, so it’s not really something we can afford to discount on. However…

If you’re pleased with your results and you get five friends to sign up for their own coaching session, then we’ll give you a free session as a thank you.

Yes, as long as it’s at the same time. While we’d love to operate a free advice service permanently, it can be incredibly time consuming so it just isn’t viable. However, if you have a bunch of questions then you can submit them when you book a session and we can deal with them all at once.