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    General Information

    If you have a New Zealand bank account and would prefer to pay via bank transfer please click here now

    Medical Information (see Note 1)

    General Fitness

    Please give us an honest assessment of your general fitness in the following categories (see note 2).

    Cardio Fitness





    This is to get an idea of your general knowledge with regard to the body and motion etc, for discussions on technique and movement. See note 3

    Paddling/Sporting History

    When did you start, how much have you done, boards used, conditions paddled in, that sort of thing

    Boards and paddles

    Do you want to go faster? Win races? Paddle surfing? River paddling? Paddle for longer? Paddle more effortlessly? More stylishly? Paddle with less pain? Where would you like to be with your paddling this time next year?

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    Please answer the questions as fully as possible.

    The information in your answers is critical for us to ensure we are guiding you in the right direction with your paddle technique. 

    All information will be held in the strictest confidence.

    Note 1 – Medical Information

    In the medical information section, let us know about anything that could be relevant, which should include any significant past fractures or breakages. Even though it happened a long time ago, something like a broken collarbone or arm can leave a weakness or loss of mobility that you may not even notice in normal day-to-day life, but will show itself in your paddling technique.  This is very common! If we know about it, we won’t waste time trying to correct it.

    Likewise, if you’ve played raquet sports all your life you’ll definitely be much stronger in your leading arm.

    Note 2 – General Fitness

    Whatever your fitness levels, we can find a paddleboard stroke that will work for you. But again, it is  very important that you give us an accurate idea as to your current fitness.  Excellent in any of the categories should mean that you are extremely fit and regularly training in that area, ie lifting heavy weights in the gym for strength, or doing yoga or other specific stretching routines for suppleness. 

    In the ‘anything else on fitness‘ question, try and give us an idea as to your natural strengths and weaknesses. You may not consider yourself as particularly strong in general, but you still may be naturally stronger in your legs with not much muscle weight in your upper body, or vice versa.   This information will be extremely useful in determining the best paddling technique for you.

    Note 3: Understanding of physiology and biomechanics

    No right or wrong answers here, it’s just to ensure we’re on the same page. There is no point in us talking about using your deltoids or obliques etc if you aren’t familiar with the various muscle groups.

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